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cockroach-3I had an interesting day today, and in it, I got to practice some loving-kindness… although it was towards something I never tried it on before – cockroaches.

I guess I had better explain this some; you see, I volunteered today to do some charity work for the United Way, and they asked me and a group of others (that I did not know) to show up to this house and paint the inside of it. It seems that the place is home to a nice group of 3 older ladies, one of whom is bed-ridden, and it was in a bit of disrepair. Although, it seems the place was also home to many more beings than we were told.

The walls of the house were not really in need of painting, they were just caked with layer upon layer of roach droppings, and they were everywhere. I am talking broad daylight, and hundreds upon hundreds of the little buggers just hanging out I plain sight like they owned the place. It was very interesting to observe.

I noticed a few things though, and here are some of my observations…

Firstly, I had taken a vow to cause no harm to any sentient being, and for me that also includes insects. When I was younger a sight light what I saw today would have given me the willies, but today there was no apprehension or disgust to be found in me. I just saw all these roaches and knew that I was looking at another living thing, and it did not bother me at all. Not anymore. And, unlike the rest of the people in the room working with me, I had compassion on them. Yes, I felt sorry for the ladies living there, that they were in such a circumstance, but I also had compassion for the insects there.

Secondly, instead of swatting at and smashing and scurrying about the roaches so I could paint, I simply talked to them (yes I talked to them) or at other times just waited and thought kind words towards them, and asked them to move so I could paint… and they moved out of the way.

Thirdly, these ladies were not messy and their home was quite orderly and neat… other than the roaches and their droppings, and so I inquired into the matter a bit with them. You see, although they themselves are very clean and tidy people, the neighborhood that they live in has gone down-hill, turning from a once lovely little place and into the ghetto, and their neighbors do not share their particular views on hygiene and upkeep. So, if all the homes around them are inviting roaches… they get them too.

Finally, I could not help but wonder the whole time what good we were actually doing there. These ladies approached the charity looking for help and the solution they were given was that we would paint over all the roach droppings… but the roaches are still there. Nothing was done to actually solve the problem at hand. I immediately thought of tons of little proverbs and ways that this could be used as a life lesson, or a sermon about taking care of the real problem and not just ‘white washing the tombs” if you will. I considered many of my own areas in life that I need to deal where a lesson or analogy could also apply… and I found a few.

One of the volunteers was a pastor of a local church and asked the ladies when we were done if he could pray for them and they said yes. As he prayed for them and their health, in my head I offered up my own thoughts of loving kindness towards the roaches and wished them and the ladies happiness and that the roaches would leave and find a new home in which there was not this conflict between them and others; so that they may all be happy, healthy and at ease.

Nobody should have to live like that though, I know that these ladies deserve a clean, healthy environment and I wish them well. I am also grateful that I myself and in a safe and warm home today that I can enjoy.


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street-fighter-4-01With this week being my birthday week, and after receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback telling me that I my affinity for sitting meditation will get me nowhere, and that I can “meditate” while doing all kinds of things; like, watching TV, or playing games… I decided to subject myself to a harsh, brutal even, highly advanced (don’t try this at home kids), Three Day Street Fighter IV Meditation Retreat!

The goal: To unlock my mind’s eye, or all 8 (9 including the end-boss Seth) hidden characters, whichever comes first… or die trying!

So, that is why I haven’t written anything for the past few days, and, now that it is over, I would like to share with you some of my personal notes on some of the amazing breakthroughs I made on this intensive, personal journey of mine.

Monday I awoke, mentally resolved and prepared to submit myself to three days of seclusion; trapped in my basement, doing nothing by playing Street Fighter IV… for enlightenment. Myself and my room, a.k.a. sacred space, must be prepared as well. I go over the checklist:

Big Buddha Statue – Check
Sandalwood Incense – Check
Candles – Check
PS3 – Check
Street Fighter IV Game – Check
Custom Arcade-Style Fighting Stick – Check
Zafu – Check
Comfy Pants – Check
Phone Off – Check
Coffee – Oops, I forgot to get a coffee!

What’s dorking it out in your basement, playing video games, without coffee? What is that you say, “Gamers drink Mountain Dew?” Pfft! That’s for kids. Besides, I hear that stuff makes your sperm count die. Not that I want to make a baby right now, but I would like to keep my options open you know.

I walk, slowly, mindfully to my car and take a deep breath in and then out, as I begin to ready myself for some mindful driving, or driving meditation. Driving meditation is a lot like walking meditation, in that you drive really, really, slow. You should not play any music, but instead listen to and be aware of the sounds that the car is making, and the world around you. Feel your hands on the wheel, your foot as it gently touched the pedals… keep your back straight… and don’t go over 10 MPH.

It took a very long time to get to Starbucks to get my coffee, but it was worth it. I never felt so alive and meditative while driving before. I did not know how people would react, with my driving down the roads at 10 MPH, holding up traffic, but everyone was so kind about it. Everyone was honking at me (to support me in my retreat I assume), and waving like crazy at me. It was wonderful. The best part was that I had to drive by an old-age home, and there were some elderly folks outside riding around on their little scooters; I think I really made their day because it was the first time they ever had to pass a car on their scooters because the car was too slow.

Now that my coffee is in hand, I drink it mindfully; I am mindful of the black coffee goodness dripping down my throat; I am mindful of the caffeine that it is putting, thankfully, into my system; I am mindful of the child labor and piss-poor working conditions of the people who picked these beans for me to enjoy; I am mindful of the tree that had to die so I can take home this paper cup, and the other tree that died so I can have this little “jacket”, sleeve thingy over the cup so it does not burn my hands; I am mindful that it has taken me so long to drink this coffee that it has now gone cold and I don’t even want to finish the rest of it. Mmmmm, coffee meditation!

Sufficiently caffeinated, I sit on the floor, on my zafu, and prepare myself for the unlocking. There are various guides and posts online about the proper way to unlock all the characters, but most of them are inaccurate, and overly complex. Here is the right way to do it:

Beat the game in arcade mode as C. Viper to unlock Cammy; as Ryu to unlock Sakura; as Sakura to unlock Dan; as Abel to unlock Fei Long; as M. Bison to unlock Rose; as Chun-Li to unlock Gen; now, beat the game with all the characters you unlocked already to unlock Akuma; then, beat it as Akuma to unlock the Gouken cut scene… after that, beat the game as someone you already beat the game with before but you can’t lose any rounds, have to get 2 perfects, and 3 ultra combo finishes; then, finally, beat the game with all 16 default characters to unlock Seth.

That’s about it. Oh, and the above works on any difficulty setting, so you could do it all on the easiest setting if you need to. However, I did not want to cheapen my meditation experience, so I opted to keep the game on the default setting of Medium. I mean, who ever gets enlightenment on the “Easy” level?

After a few hours of playing, or meditating, I manage to unlock a few characters, but my neck is getting sore from looking up at the TV and my legs are starting to cramp up… because I am sitting in the lotus position. I opt to sit on the couch instead so my neck can be in a more comfortable position, but I keep my back straight and my legs crossed. It takes me all day to unlock the first half of the characters, and my body is starting to really feel it. My legs are really sore, and my eyes feel like they are about to burn out from my skull. Video game meditation is rough, but the thought of how much merit I will gain by all this vigor and effort keeps me going!

I crawl to bed and decided to get some rest, it is time to call day one over. As I lay there in bed I come to realize that the theme song from the game that plays in the background of all the fights is stuck in my head – playing in an eternal loop that just won’t stop. Also, I seem to have a hard time shutting my eyes; for, when I do, all I see is flashes of colors, pulses of light, and fuzzy images from the game burned into my retina. Maybe this is one of those Jahna’s people were talking about? Is this what seeing auras is like?

Day two starts with my looking into the mirror and realizing that both my eyes are bloodshot, and it looks like I need a shave. No time for that now! I will take care of that after the retreat is over. I decided to stay on the couch today as well, in hopes that it may help my neck out some, but I still keep the lotus position as I play. By the end of day 2, I have unlocked all the hidden characters… except for Seth. I am saving that one for my final day of Street Fighter Meditation. I need to call it another day though; my legs are killing me, I have taken like 6 Excedrin because my head is killing me, and I feel exhausted.

That night, I found it impossible to get any sleep. I felt so high-strung from all the video game meditation that I could not seem to unwind. I thought that maybe I could do some sitting meditation to try to calm myself down so I could sleep, but whenever I closed my eyes all I could see was flashing colors and bits from the game playing in my head… oh, and that freaking theme song is still going and going and going… ringing in my ears. I swear, I don’t know how the Buddha and his monks did it.

Day three, I look in the mirror and think I look like some kind of hermit; or, some kind of speed-freak, meth-head, on crack… and that song is still in my head. Screw lotus position, today I am going to sit on the couch like a normal human being and unlock Seth as quick as I can. I am mentally and physically done with this thing.

In fact, screw Seth! I’m done. I am going to go take a shower, shave, clean my room, see what life is like outside (I hear the weather is beautiful out there), and start sitting meditation again.


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zen11I wonder if the Buddha had himself a Wingman? It may seem funny to picture such a thing, but in all honesty — it does not seem that unlikely to me.

So, the past week I have had the privilege to get to know a pretty rad person who also happens to be a Soto Zen Priest. He came to town for a week to do various things, and I took the week off to simply go to as many events as I can and see what happens. No, I was not looking for any help, was not looking for any answers, I was not expecting enlightenment; hell I wasn’t looking for anything. I don’t think it works that way, but I did know that this guy has spent over 20 years studying something that I have just now barely begun to scratch the surface of — so hell yes I am going to sit on the ground and stare at a wall for half an hour with the dude.

Zen always kinda pissed me off because it says that there is no soul, no atman, that enlightenment is not what we expect (or want it to be), there no warm fuzzies — no cookie at the end of the tunnel; and I really, really wanted there to be one. This is the Promised Land, this is Hell… it is whatever one you have decided to make it to be.

People just don’t quite seem to get that it seems. In listening to him talk it seems that some people “get” the idea that he is saying that there is none — and they get pissy and leave. Or others understand that he is saying there there is none, but they tell themselves that he is just being really “deep” and that really his point is that we are not supposed to be focusing on the cookie — but really there is a cookie… there has to be right? Nope… there is no freaking cookie.

This Priest also tends to piss off other Priests from time to time. Why? Well, if you ask me it is because he has taken his embrace of reality to such a level of transparency that it makes them uncomfortable. Reality, meaning all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the unsettling — even the parts we do not like to talk about, he talks about. This display and embracing of reality smacks them in the face and they see their own flaws and hypocrisiesin him, and they hate that. They want to walk around in nice robes and smile, and answer tough questions in cute little riddles. They want to think that they have their shit together, and more importantly they at least want us all to think that they have their shit together.

Anyway, for some reason or another, I wound up getting to hang out with him a lot; take him around town, and from place to place. It has been a lot of fun, and I consider him a friend now. I learned a lot this week, but not in that weird-ass “teacher-student” kind-of a way; no I just mean as two guys hanging out. Two people hanging out, being real with each-other, and inadvertently coming to know something about them, life, and even yourself.

I had a couple odd comments from some other Zen practitioners who seemed envious that I was here or there with the guy when they weren’t; like I was secretly gathering some pearls of wisdom that were dropping out of his ass while nobody was looking and hording them all to myself. Shit. It is not like that at all, I just have been having a lot of fun enjoying his company, and I also know when to leave people the hell alone and get out of the way.

I don’t want him to autograph my book of his. Actually I don’t have his book, and I am not going to get one until after he takes off so he won’t confuse me for a fan. Sure I want to read what he wrote, but because I got to know him and I like to know what people I know are thinking about and what they have gone through.

I don’t know, if he was the kind of person that was even looking for a person to “pass on the lineage to” I would be down for that. I think that would be cool as hell, and if Soto Zen priests go to hell if they fail to pass it on to a successor — I guess that’s good enough motivation… although I doubt he believes any of that B.S. The issue though would be that I would not trade being cool with the dude as a friend for finding a Guru. I think I (and he) would rather have a peer than a follower. I suck at being a follower anyway. So I guess if there was a way to learn from him without ever confusing the fact that I am more into the idea of being his friend — I would do it. If not… screw it.

Ah, so anyway, about the whole picking up chicks thing…

I learned a bit this week about the history of Zen, and this form of it; I got some new thoughts to debate over here-and-there; and I did get some tips on how to properly do the “form” better of sitting, posture, hand placement, etc. That was all helpful, and I especially like the tips on form because I really do like traditions and keeping up certain things like that.  I learned some things in the various talks given, but nothing that I could not have read in a book or something. Really, my best “Zen Moment” came late one night at a bar.

Yup a bar.

So two Priests are in a bar and a hot chick walks by, and one of them says to the other “Hey check out that girl. She is hot.” and the other says “Humph. I do not notice such things.” What is the difference between the two monks? The difference is that one of them is also a liar.

Here is am with a Zen Priest in a bar (I am having a beer, and he is drinking juice) talking to each other about life, love, hurt, disappointment, pain, joy… all of it. He talks about his divorce, and I open up and tell him about mine. He notices a cute girl that seems interested in him, and I get to be there as he fumbles through hitting on her (like we all do). Is she interested? Am I actually? Is this worth it? Is this going anywhere? All of that. In the end he decides to leave and not take the conversation further. I reassure him that he could have “scored” if he wanted to (and I meant it… he had that one in the bag). He states that there was this other girl he met earlier that had more substance to her, and that he would like to just focus on her instead… she was coming to his talk for sure in a day or two.

When I left that night I was just very peaceful and happy. Happy that I made a friend, that I had a fun night with a cool guy, and also just that I finally realized that I was starting to understand Zen. In seeing his openness, his struggles, his humanity — I realized how there can be and can not be enlightenment at the same time. I understood that there is no escape from suffering, not really, and that is OK! What changes is our perspective on it. We do not stop living though, and with life comes all kinds of ups and downs. This flux at times can be disturbing, but there is a beauty in it all well. It really is a beautiful thing, and not something to be feared.

Tonight he had his talk and the girl showed up. I knew that she was there, and I also knew that after the event there was going to be a kazillion people crowding around the guy asking him questions, and trying to tag along with him wherever he was trying to go next. That must suck. It is like if he wispers to someone “Hey later today can I maybe go to the store” it somehow turns into a group trip.. “Hey everyone the freaking Dali Lamma is going to go to the store — let’s all go too! Group hug!”.

Knowing this I went on the defensive and started telling people not to expect to be hanging out much tonight. I informed people that there was nothing “going on” after the talk and that we were all just calling it a night.

He pulled me aside during the night and mentioned that maybe it would be nice to have some time alone with that person and wondered if I could somehow make sure that others did not get in the way. Before he finished his sentence I smiled and told him that I was already on it.

“You are my Wingman.”

Yes, I got your back.


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I feel a bit playful tonight, and I am burning out with all this thinking. So lets do something fun for a change! Tonight we will start our first Theology For Dummies class — complete with badly drawn graphics.

01We had one of those “why do bad things happen to good people” talks and “if God is God then why does evil exist” lessons the other week. A professor told everyone there that God and Evil co-exist only because Evil exists outside of God.

This by the way is poor theology, and the reason why we are covering this lesson here today.


Start off by picturing God. Hard to do? Here is God (pictured above):

02Got it now? Great! Now picture everything. Yes everything. Almost there? Life, the universe… everything. Got it? Everything exists inside of God. This is a pretty basic concept; most people seem to get this one quite easily.

So if everything exists inside of God then what exists outside of God? Nothing exists outside of God. Nothing.

Now that is not to say that outside of God there is a lot of nothing; like there is just a bunch of boring black space or something.

04It’s not like if you could get in a ship and drive it to the edge of God and then break-through him, you would then be driving in the nothing.

Not only would it be boring — it would be heretical.

And mean.

That would probably hurt God.

Oh, where was I? Right, Nothing.

05We are also not implying that there is some-thing called The Nothing (like in The Neverending Story) which exists outside of God that is waiting to eat you when you drive your ship outside of God.

Although that was an awesome movie! That wolf thingy gave me the creeps for like weeks. Um…

No, when we say that there is nothing outside of God we are stating that there is no outside of God.

Everything is inside of God, and there just is no outside of God.

06In order for there to be an outside of God that would mean that God would have to be inside of something; meaning that something would be containing God.

Not to get all “deep” or anything, but you need to realize that a lesser can not contain a greater. So basically 3 could never contain 5, but there are 3 in a 5. Better put — something of a smaller size or value could not hold something of a greater size or value within itself.

So if God was contained within something, this something would have to be another God who is greater than our God, and that would just be silly! Pfft! Two Gods. Ha.

07Now for the statement that evil exists outside of God to be true there would have to be a few factors in play. One of these would have to obviously be that there is an outside of God; which we already think is crazy-talk. The other factors are even more disturbing though.

If there is an evil that is outside of God then it is independent of God. Also, we can all agree that this evil acts in direct opposition to God. Finally, not being within God this evil could have not possibly been created by God.

This would leave us with a Being that would be a God unto himself; able to bring himself into his own existence, sustain himself without God, being totally independent of God, and be on a level or direct and equal opposition of God.

08In closing, Evil exists inside of God, since there is no outside of God. Um, or if there is an outside then God is not really the final God, and he is just a god inside of the God who is the final God. Oh, and Evil would be a god as well.

Everything all clear now?

This concludes lesson one.

This will be on the final exam.


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Jedi JesusWhen I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to be a Jedi Knight. I blew out the power in the house (and almost electrocuted myself to death) trying to build a lightsaber; I tried the Jedi Mind Trick (sadly, to no avail), and I tried for hours to focus really hard and levitate small objects.

I swear I think I almost “kind of” moved a pencil this one time.

Wanting to help me better distinguish between “fiction” and “reality” my parents tried to explain to me that there was no real Luke Skywalker, but that his name was really Mark Hamill. I said that I understood, and went outside with my lightsaber and begain to pretend I was Jedi Knight: Mark Hamill.

Maybe I did not quite get the point that they were trying to make, but to be fair the lines between reality and fiction had already already blurred. We are talking about a child who was instructed to not believe in Santa Claus anymore, but was still encouraged to put his teeth under a pillow for the Tooth Fairy to collect. Not to mention the fact that he was still under the impression that a super-being built the world in 6 days (then took a nap), and that although a man could live inside a giant fish, he could not possibly climb a giant beanstalk.

Today in bible school I took a survey, and the overwhelming majority of students there would drop out of their pastoral or counseling degree programs in a heartbeat to become a Jedi Knight (or in one case a superhero) if that were an option.

However, seeing that there are no good Jedi Academies in the area I guess that theology is going to have to do for now.

Now it may seem a bit disheartening to some of you that your eternal souls are in their hands, but for me it give me hope; a new hope.  For you see, deep-down these pimply little Christians just want to be the hero. They want to save the damsel in distress, help the orphan, train up the rebellious youth, defeat the big-ass monster, save the planet, save the cute little Ewoks, and watch the scoundrel turn into the guy with the heart of gold.

Yet, if we have no superpowers, and all the Jedi schools are closed then what do we do? I guess the answer for some of us is that we turn to religion. Does that have to be the case though? We think that if we were something greater than ourselves, then at that moment we could do something to practically help people. If I were _____ , then I could do _____ !

Since we are not “super” we consider the next best option: God. Since I am less than adequate to do _____ , I will hope that God can do _____ through me.

The funny part to me is that we think that if could have “power” then we would be a hero and help people practically (in real life), but since we can’t we opt to help them spiritually instead. Is this true though? Is there nothing that you can physically do to help others and your world today? Can you not make a difference in real life? Is there no cause that needs a hero today?

I can think of a couple, and (Who knows?) maybe I am just the man needed for the job.

Now if you will please excuse me, I think its time to stop praying for power and time to start learning how to build that lightsaber again.


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Jesus Dating AgainSo, Jesus and I finally broke up.

I really thought that things were going to be different this time. He said that he changed… loosened up a little, stopped all his bad habits, said he was nothing like his dad.

I broke it off, and now I am going through all that crazy movie-like post-break-up nonsense.

I went through that moment of feeling empowered, like I can break out on my own and be single, or maybe even start seeing other people again. You know, get back into that religion dating pool. I am pretty sure that Vishnu was eyeing me up the other day pretty hard in the grocery store, and Buddha did slip me his number last month. He’d actually be kind of cute if he lost a bit of weight.

Then all the sudden out of nowhere I got all crazy and started listening to sad emo music, watching bad romantic comedies alone in the dark while eating a tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and I can’t seem to get out of my sweatpants!

Am I better off alone? Is he going to call? Is he even thinking of me? Am I getting fat?

And oh my God! What are my parents going to do when they find out? They loved him! Heck, they were the ones who set us up in the first place. They are going to flip. Oh man, and all of our friends are mutual friends – so how are they going to treat me? We even all hung out in the same places. It’s like I am going to be a total social outcast now.

Losing your religion can be quite a depressing event. I mean, I got “saved” at the age of 5. I can not look back to any time in my life when my religion was not there with me. The earliest memory I have – it is already there… like it or not. I actually have no sense of being or identity apart from it, and no idea as to what life was like without it.

I feel like my dog died. Sure he was a crappy dog, even a bit of a jerk at times, but he was still my dog. He bit me, ruined my stuff, hated and attacked all of my friends, and pooped all over my carpet; Yet, he was still my pet, and although it was a crappy relationship –  at least it was company of some sort.

This also makes me think of people who stay in bad or even abusive relationships. Why do we? Because it beats being alone, or because this bad relationship is the only one they ever knew? Or maybe we do it because the evil of this relationship we know to be tolerable, and that is less intimidating than what unknown evil may be out there.

I just don’t know if I should take some time to be alone, some “me time”, or if I am really ready to start seeing other gods again. From what I hear they are all are just after the same thing anway. Pfft… men!


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looserToday I went out and met a bunch of new people involved in the local Roller Derby. I am new in town finishing up my Masters, and am looking for things to do and to make some friends. I know from past experience that Roller Derby is pretty much the place to go for finding my fellow tattooed, rocker, rockabilly, pierced, fun loving hipsters in full force.

It was awesome. So I show up, not knowing anyone and withing seconds they throw me a pair of skates and a helmet and I am out on the rink skating, talking, laughing it up, and getting involved. I start learning about bands to check out, places to see, art shows, and some cool spots to hit.

Then they ask me what I am studying in college, and I stop and think to myself “Oh God no, this is where they find out I am some kind of religious nut job and they wont like me anymore”, but I don’t want to lie or deny Christ so I say that “I am studying theology”. One girl says “Cool, um what does that mean anyway?” and then another person there says “Jesus. The man studies about Jesus.” I laughed and said that was a pretty good definition, then others laughed with me… and then we went back to hanging out.

That was about the end of it. I still had fun, and I still made friends. People still got my number and invited me out again. Today I went home and had some new facebook friends and some invited to shows and events this week.

One girl there when things were rapping up and it was more private (note her tact and respect) asked me why I was in bible school and asked me if I was going to be a Priest. I laughed, then realized that her connection with Christianity may have been with a different denomination than I was used to (note my lack of initial tact) and so I stopped and said that I was not sure if I wanted to be a Priest or a Pastor, but that I felt called to study at bible school. I told her that several years ago I was already in study to be a Pastor and I got kicked out of the church for being too far “left” in some of my views. It took me a few years to get over that and get back to serving God again anyway just for myself, and I decided to go back to school to finish what I started. I explained that I had no idea as to what I was going to do after this or with this, but I knew that I wanted to help people. In any way help people, even if  on a humanitarian level vs a “spiritual” level – just people.

So today I realized that people are actually ok with the fact that you may or may not be a Christian. You see, if they don’t like you its probably just  because you’re a jerk.

I know lots of Christians like to go home and wine about how they did not fit in, or how they were not well liked or well received, and then they say to themselves “Well it wasn’t me they were rejecting, it was Jesus”. Well, hate to break it to you, but actually they just didn’t like you. Maybe you are unlikeable?

Remember the movie Liar Liarwith Jim Carrey? Here’s a quote from it that this makes me think of:

Max: “My teacher tells me real beauty is on the inside.”
Fletcher: “That’s just something ugly people say.”

Are you some kind of a total jerk? Pushy? Preachy? Got that I am better than you attitude about you? Or maybe it has nothing to do with your presentation of the gospel at all. Maybe you are just a mean person, or you have bad hygene? Maybe you have bad social skills?

Or finally, could you be one of those poor souls who is just totally and utterly socially retarded due to living in the Christian bubble for so long? You know the type… home schooled or private schooled, youth group, church 3 times a week, when asked to name bands you like you can only think of Christian bands…

Either way, if you are not fitting in and people don’t seem to like you, dont blame it on God, maybe you are just a jerk.


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